BST-10 Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine to Indonesia

To recycle waste coconut shells, our customers from Indonesia contact Beston Group for a one-stop solution. Beston sales manager learned about the situation of Indonesian customers and customized a development plan. Finally, our customers choose BST-10 coconut shell charcoal making machine. The full set of machine was delivered to Indonesia in early March, and it’s expected to arrive in Indonesia at the end of March. Here are the details of the shipment. They can also enjoy online installation service, which is not limited by space and time.

[videopress SDOajicz]

Project Details

  • Model: BST-10;
  • Raw Material: Coconut Shell;
  • Product: Biochar
  • Delivery Time: March 1st, 2022;
  • ETA: End of March;
  • Insllation Metohd: Online.