Charcoal Making Process

This is the 3D animation of Beston charcoal making process.

Charcoal Making Process

The belt conveyor conveys the feedstock into the constant weight feeder, and the feeder feeds them into the carbonization host. Through the process of high-temperature carbonization, the charcoal is discharged through the sealed discharger. The combustible gas generated during carbonization will go through the cyclone de-dusting machine, spraying tower to receive filtering. And then go to the condensers, separating into tar and wood vinegar. The rest of the gas will be drawn into the exterior part of the carbonization host by the draft fan to supply heat for the carbonization process constantly.

The high-temperature residual gas can be used as the heat source for the drying system; the rest of residual gas will be filtered by de-dusting system, water spraying tower and then be discharged safely.

Note: when the water content of the feedstock exceeds 20%, the customer will need a drying host.

Feedstocks Acceptable by Beston Charcoal Machine

  1. All organic waste in nature
  2. Green waste (wood chips, branches, sawdust, bamboo, etc); agricultural waste (rice husk/hull, coconut shell, palm kernel shell, olive shell, coffee shell, straws, bagasse); human waste; kitchen garbage (mostly fruit peels); animal waste; etc.
  3. Municipal solid waste (better with less than 5% inorganic matters )

Because the organic matters contain carbon, they can finally turn to be charcoal in a specific environment. That is the basic working principle for Beston charcoal making machine for sale. We adopt the high-end carbonization and pyrolysis technology, through drying, carbonizing, de-dusting, desulfurization, making charcoal from the above-said wastes. So you can also call it biomass carbonization plant.

Beston- Charcoal Making Machine Supplier You Can Count on

  • Technology — Beston Group has a professional engineering and designing team with experienced engineers and technicians and a modernized workshop for the production line of the machine. We focus on technological innovation and got many domestic patents.
  • Supremacy at the International Market — the charcoal production equipment of Beston has covered a large percentage at the international market. You can see our charcoal machines in Kenya, Ukraine, Russia, Ugand a, Australia, Turkey, and Spain, etc.