BLJ-16 Waste Pyrolysis Plant Delivered to Saudi Arabia

[videopress HPpKTkja]

Shipment of BLJ-16 Waste Pyrolysis Plant to Saudi Arabia

The full set of waste pyrolysis plant was successfully delivered to Saudi Arabia on March 16, 2021! As you can see from the video, BLJ-16 waste pyrolysis plant is about to be delivered to Saudi Arabia after its production at the Beston factory. Beston workers are earnestly hoisting a complete set of pyrolysis plant.

Why Waste Pyrolysis Plant to Saudi Arabia Is Successful?

Customers in Saudi Arabia can use this pyrolysis device to recycle waste tires, rubber, sludge and other solid waste. After these wastes are processed by pyrolysis equipment, high-value products such as pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire can be obtained.

The pyrolysis project is very successful in Saudi Arabia because the cost of recycling waste tires in Saudi Arabia is relatively low, and the products obtained have a good market. Both Beston and Saudi clients attach great importance to this project.

If you want to start a waste pyrolysis project, please contact Beston immediately!