BTF6-8 Paper Egg Tray Machine Delivery to India

Indian customers ordered BTF6-8 egg tray machine with brick drying system, and the full set of machine was delivered to India at the end of June 2022.

Indian customers bought this equipment to facilitate the transportation of eggs produced on their own farms. Compared with buying egg trays, it is more economical to use waste paper to make egg trays, and it can solve the pollution of waste paper to the environment.

More Details about BTF6-8 Egg Tray Machine to India

  • Output: 6500 pieces of egg trays per hour;
  • Drying method: brick drying;
  • Installation method: online guidance.

Indian Customers’ Comment about Beston

My communication with Beston is always timely and they drive my egg tray manufacturing business to be efficient. I am very grateful to the Beston technical team for the drawings, which are very helpful for me to build the production site. All in all it was a good cooperation.