BLL-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Machines Shipped to the Netherlands

Beston BLL-16 plastic pyrolysis machines were delivered to the Netherlands at the end of May. Besides, our customers add a BZL-10 oil distillation machine to get better pyrolysis oil. Please keep reading to know more details.

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How Do Dutch Customers Buy Pyrolysis Machine from Beston?

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Dutch customers search on the Internet about reliable plastic pyrolysis machine suppliers and then find Beston. Beston shows the latest technology and rich experience, which wins customers’ trust.

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Customers have a high demand for the whole pyrolysis system. They require the pyrolysis furnace and colling tubes are stainless steel, PLC is Simons and dust removing system.

Besides, Beston sales manager has conducted in-depth communication with the customer many times, and the customer has learned the market status of the terminal product, which has laid a solid foundation for the later production.

On the premise of ensuring the safe operation of pyrolysis equipment, Beston technical engineers try their best to meet customer needs. Customers have high requirements for exhaust gas treatment. The Beston team continuously negotiates with local professors on technical processes, continuously studies relevant theories and market conditions, and finally arrives at a high-profile solution that satisfies customers and enhances customers’ recognition of Beston Group.

After Sales Service

Beston sales team and engineers make drawings for customers in combination with customer site and construction requirements, which have been revised 7 times.

Beston factory completed production tasks on time and actively stocked up. The customer asked a third-party inspection company to check the quality of the pyrolysis equipment.

Due to the serious increase in sea freight rates recently, Beston shipping team saved the shipping cost for the customer with the optimal loading solution.