BLJ-10 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to India

To make full use of waste plastic and get valuable pyrolysis oil, Indian customers contacted Beston and ordered BLJ-10 plastic pyrolysis plant. Recently, this machine was delivered to India successfully. During this project, Indian customers were concerned about the price and installation problems. Beston project manager solved these problems.

Project Details about BLJ-10 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in India

Indian Customers’ Concern

Indian customers care about the plastic pyrolysis plant price. There are many plastic pyrolysis plant suppliers on the market. Besides, Indian customers are worried about the installation problem due to overseas business. Emissions issues are also a major concern for Indian customers.

Beston Solution

The quality of the plastic pyrolysis equipment is very good, and the accessories are all selected from international famous brands. So low prices are not our advantage. Beston will provide high-quality equipment and after-sales service.

Beston engineers will guide the installation of BLJ-10 plastic pyrolysis plant in India and offer employee training. Regarding the emission issue, the Beston plastic pyrolysis machine is equipped with a dust removal system.

After the hot gas is purified, part of it is used as a heat source to heat the reactor, and the other part is directly discharged. The discharged gas meets the EU emission standards.