Beston Rice Husk Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay

In order to make better use of rice husks, Beston BST-10 rice husk carbonizer was delivered to Paraguay on March 13, 2022. This equipment can use waste rice husks to make charcoal. Charcoal sticks formed into hexagons and sold as barbecue stalls.

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More Information on Rice Husk Carbonizer to Paraguay

  • Model: BST-10
  • Capacity: 1t/h
  • Total Power:
  • Origin: China
  • Destinatiuon: Paraguay

When choosing the model of carbonization machine, the customer has many questions. Beston actively answers the customer’s questions and assists the customer to make an economic profit analysis table. Finally, the customer chooses BST-10. The customer’s opinion on Beston’s products I am very satisfied with the quality and service attitude and look forward to the next cooperation.