Users Evaluation in Indonesia

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This video is a case of complete service process, from visiting, production, shipment, installation to the feedback from customer, etc. The following is the favorable comment from customers in Indonesia.

Hello , my name is –, I am from Indonesia. we decided to buy this pyrolysis machine from BESTON last year.

We visited China, visited many companies. This is acturally the finishd case.

Last year, on August, it came.

We started with Beston online, BESTON after-sales team support us , from the beginging, every step, every single step, how to install this machine, they support us.

And finally after few months, the machine is set, and we already tried three times, and we succeeded. Many thanks to after sales team.

They support us day and night. Because we have a few problems, kind of, the after sales team, they are very very supportative.

They answer every single questionaire.

That we make it, do the pre-testing.

The trial is very impressive, beyond our expectation.

You see, let me show you:

Ti’s very easy to operate, even i am not from technical team.

But finally we got it running, very easy.

We use two burners, three burners, the standard, and the process is flowing very easy.

This is the control panel, It’s very easy to understand.

We can control every step process from this part.

This is the condenser, this is the design, very sophisticated design, made us to buy this project.

The design is very good, very simple.

They fit our factory, our factory is not big, it’s very small, this is very suitable.

And it’s working.

During the process, we can see, the oil come to the storage, from this glasses.

We success to make a very perfect process from our waste, plastic waste, and we have very very good project.

l.8 density of the oil , this it’very very good project.

The color is very good, the fire from the oil is very good.

I will show you in the next video,

This our testing ceremony, I am a customer of BESTON GROUP, we will see you again.

Thank you ! BESTON

Beston start the installation instruction from online

Thank you for choosing Beston.