Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant in Inner Mongolia

Beston BLJ-16 oil sludge pyrolysis plant is running successfully in Inner Mongolia.

[videopress GFp6r0WV]

Project Details about Oil Sludge Plant in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia is rich in oil resources, but it also produces sludge pollution during the development process. In order to solve the problem of sludge pollution, the Inner Mongolia customer chose to cooperate with Beston and finally purchased BLJ-16 pyrolysis equipment. The capacity is 15-20 tons/d. The raw materials that Beston sludge pyrolysis equipment can process include waste plastics, tires, rubber, sludge and many other solid wastes. Various solid wastes can be converted into high-value products through pyrolysis equipment. You can get pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire and so on.

Due to the large difference in the composition of these raw materials, the proportion of products is not fixed. You can contact Beston for a detailed product analysis report. At the same time, we also provide sample testing services! If your area also has sludge pollution or plastic pollution, please contact Beston immediately to provide you with a solution!