Tyre Shredder Machine

The video is about the tyre shredder machine, including: sidewall cutting machine, steel wire remover, comprehensive rubber shredder, etc.

  • Sidewall cutting machine: to cut the whole tyre into small pieces, and separte the sidewall, which can be reprocessed by the below steel wire remover and comprehensive shredder;
  • Steel wire remover: to remove the steel wire from waste tyres, and the separted steel wires which are not deformed and the steel wires can be sold directly;
  • Comprehensive rubber shredder: to crush the whole tyre (diameter below than 1600mm) or the cutting-off tyre into 50mm*50mm tyre pieces, which can be sold directly, or reprocessed into rubber granules or pwder. The rubber granules can be directly fed into pyrolysis reactor to get fuel oil and carbon black; the rubber powder can be used for producing new rubber products.

Features of Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale

  • Compact structure.
  • High working efficiency and low energy consumption. The maximum capacity is 4 tons per hour.
  • We use a side-by-side combination design for the shredding room and it is very convenient for maintenance.
  • The shredding blade adopts hard alloy bead welding technology to make sure a high hardness, strong wear-proofing ability and durability.
  • The round mesh screen uses steel wire grid structure to ensure a large area for the falling materials, so as to screen qualified materials out.
  • Easy to handle: it is safe and easy to handle and supervise.
  • Economical and profitable: it is cost-effective and has a high ROI.
  • Eco-friendly: it is a green technology that complies the sustainable development of human nature and society.

After shredded by the machine, the tires can be sold directly or sent to the next step: pyrolysis. If you want to learn about the detailed tire recycling process, please contact us right now! We will provide a deatiled tyre recycling project analysis!