Shoes Tray Making Machine

This is the testing of Beston shoes tray making machine on-site.

More than 30 countries have installed Beston shoes tray forming machine, for example, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, India, Brazil, Chile, Zambia, Peru, Mali, Dominica, India, Ivory Coast, Senegal, the Philippines, Hungary. Moreover, some customers brought machines when they expanded their business. Beston are willing to offer more services to customers.

Raw Materials Available for Making Paper Shoes Tray

Majority of paper waste can be applied to make paper shoes trays, including books, magzine, cardboard, and other paper-made products. Make paper shoes trays is one of the most economic ways to recycle waste. Firstly, every country has wide source to get waste paper at a low price. Secondly, using pulp shoes tray machine won’t bring pollution to the environment. Thus, just take this equipment to do your business right now.

Estimate Paper Shoes Tray Making Machine Price

  • Cost for Moulding Machine and Drying System

Generally, larger the capacity of the shoes tray machine is, more money the machine costs. Besides, when you decide to investing in this business, take the factory workshop into consideration. The more info you provide to us, the more suitable plan we can offer for you, including detailed price list.

  • Cost of Raw Material and Energy

Firstly, the cost of raw materials is low. Secondly, water in the shoes tray making system is circle. Thirdly, different types of drying systems have different requirement for the fuel. You can select the most economical fuel on the basis of local area.

Contact Beston

  1. Beston has own manufacturing plant and team. Every customer is able to come to factory and check Beston equipment.
  2. Beston’ professional team controls every segment to guarantee customers’ right.
  3. Besides project plan, we also offer customized plan and good after-sales service.

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