Factory Overview

The video in a detailed introduction to Beston factory overview, including the following sections:

  1. Plant front
  2. Plant layout
  3. 3.Warehouse
  4. Exhibition shelf
  5. Pyrolysis Reactor
  6. Feeding design
  7. Manufacturing area
  8. Gears
  9. Stock area 1
  10. Stock area 2
  11. Carbonization area

Dear friends of Beston, I’m Fredo WANG and Today is 18th November of 2020. Today we are at the manufacturing plant of Beston Group. It is located in Shangqiu City of Henan Province. Over here we have the gate of the Industrial park, and Beston occupies three plant building and one office building inside, in total 15,000m2 and 200 people are working in it. Today I will show you every detail of it so you will feel more confident to work with us in the future. Let’s go inside.

Now we are in front of our manufacturing plant, you can see our company title is on top. This plant is for production of carbonization and pyrolysis. Beston has two series of productions, pyrolysis is to convert scrap tyre or waste plastic into oil, and carbonization is to convert biomass into charcoal. Let’s go inside and take a deeper look.

Dear friends, here we are at our manufacturing plant for production. You can see on my right side is the warehouse for accessories. And going down we will see different procedures for production, for example the stock area, assembly area, welding area and finishing area. Now we can go to the second floor of the warehouse and take a over view of this plant.

Let’s go to the second floor to take a look, so we will understanding better about the organization. From here we can see the entire layout of our plant. Please follow me. We have two lines of productions, one is for pyrolysis, another one is for carbonziation. You can see the reactors are lining up in the stock area. The logic of our plant is very logical and efficient.

Since we are in the warehouse I would like to show you some critical parts. Taking example of these stainless steel flanges. All of the flange we use are all of international standard, we can compare it with a normal flange like this, that is rusty and brittle. Another example we take is the valves, over here we use the valve made out of copper or stainless steel. We can compare it with a normal valve made out of iron. The difference is huge. In Beston we focus on every details to make sure we make it perfect and high class for our customer.

Here we are at our exhibition shelf of our welding work. From which we can see all different positions of welding. In Beston all of our technicians are certified. We are good at argon arc welding, carbon dioxide welding, oxygen welding, electric welding etc. We are especially specialized in stainless steel welding, and that is known to be difficult.

In front of us is a reactor of pyrolysis. This is a 10 ton/day pyrolysis unit. We can see the size is 2.6*6.6m long. And the paint we use is always the heat resistant paint, it will keep a nice looking after a long time use. The material of which is made of boiler steel and thickness of 16mm. I know some suppliers take it for 10-12mm, but we would like to keep the standard. After this I would like to point out about this big gear. This gear is made out of casting iron. It is one piece. And it is very critical for this heavy machinery because it takes the force to drive this heavy machine.

Then we move along to this part. This is the welding work of our auto wielder. When the sheet is bended we will wield it from inside and outside two times to make sure its toughness. And after that we will do the concentricity test pressure test to make sure there is no leakage and also the shape is complete round. And after that we will do the penetration test supersonic test etc. Our quality control is very critical in this company. Everything has to pass our appearance test dimensional test and pressure test. Only the qualified parts will be qualified for shipping.

This part I would like to point out especially. We have especially designed this part where the reactor meets with the roller. This extra ring will protect the reactor. After a long time using it will not face any de-shape or deformation.

Our pyrolysis system can process many kinds of materials, be it scrap tyre, waste plastic or oil sludge. And depending on the raw material and its form, be it shredded or packed, then we will choose different ways for feeding. For example this reactor door is designed for belt conveyor feeding, it can feed big matters like entire tire or packed plastic. And on the other hand this one is designed for hydraulic feeder and screw feeder, it’s mainly used for shredded materials.

Now we have passed the stock area for reactors and we are at the manufacturing part. On my right hand there is our auto welding machine and on the left hand is the welding area. And over there that is the steel rolling machine. And on the left side we have the assembly area, finishing area, and finally the waste area.

This big gear here is made out of casting iron. It will later work with the reactor to drive the reactor to rotate. It is very critical for our pyrolysis reactor. And these in stock is prepared for you.

Here we are at the stock area for different projects. These are all the finished parts and components ready to be shipped. On each of the part we have the tag for customers’ names and their country. Each project is stacked together so it will be easier to arrange when shipping is coming.

We have here 3 ash tanks. Moving along we can see casing for reactor. This is the auto feeder. Over here the tanks are for manifold, hydro-seal and hamper tanks. Inside again we have the casings for reactors.

What is under cover here are different projects waiting for shipment. For example this one is to Nigeria, and that one is to Chile, moving along we have project for Thailand and Singapore. What we have here is the stock for projects too, for example this one is a cooling discharger on my right hand and these two are the flue condensers, these two are the chimneys, there two are the other cooling discharger. Everything is packed with plastic and waiting for the shipment.

At last we arrived at our carbonization section. Behind me there are two reactors for carbonization. One is already complete and another one is under construction. This is an unit of a 3 tons/h continuous running carbonization unit. We will take a closer look.

Here we have a base of the carbonzaition reactor. And the base consists of mainly two parts, one is the combustion chambers another one is the three point rollers. First in the combustion chamber we have the refractories and heat resistant wool. And from the three point support, the reason of this design is because our reactor is very long and this support will reduce the chance for its deformation after a long time use.

Our carbonization reactor, where it matches with the combustion chamber, we use the stainless steel on these two parts in order for it to withstand a high temperature after many years of using. The design of our reactor will adapt to our patented double tube design, so that the material can go inside and come out from the same side, and constantly feeding and constantly discharging.

In Beston we keep developing cutting edge technologies to meet with our customers’ demand. Over here we have the controlling system of the carbonization. This PLC cabinet is made with two doors design and siemens screen on top. It will control all the way from the drying system to the reacting system to the de-dusting system.

On the reactor we designed an inspection door so you can see the machine running during its process.

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