2000 PCS/H Egg Tray Making Machine

  • Model: BTF3-4
  • Capacity: 2000pieces/h
  • Forming Mould Quantity: 12
  • Material Consumption: Paper (170kg/h):Water(510kg/h)
  • Fuel Consumption: Coal: 83kg; Natural gas: 37-47m3; Diesel: 30-40kg
  • Total Power: 53.7kw
  • Electricity Consumption: 37.59kw/h
  • Labor Force: 4-6
  • Voltage: 380v,50hz (Can be customized according to the customer’s national voltage)
  • Plant Area: more than 70 square meters;
  • Equipment Weight: 3.8T
  • Egg tray drying method: Naturally drying; (Drying site is recommended to be more than 1000 square meters)
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