Egg Tray Drying System

Metal Egg Tray Drying System


Dear friends, this is a complete structure of a BTF 5-8 metal drying eggtray machine. It is about to be shipped.

Follow me let’s take a look of the inner layout of the metal dryer.

Let’s go inside.

Although it’s still empty, we can see the upper and lower sieve plate is already positioned. Later the trays will be running in between.

The metal dryer we have is with 6 layers. You can see the rails from here.

All the surface is made out of stainless steel. The wall is using a double layer design, in between is heat resistant wool.

Brick Egg Tray Drying System

Now we move to the drying system of the plant.

What our client built is a brick drying system. The overall length of this is about 70m. Many customer choose to use metal dryer for a big capacity like this in order to save some space. For the metal dryer is can reduce to only 45m long.

This is the combustion chamber with natural gas burner, it can also be heated by diesel, LPG or even coal. This blower working with the burner.

The structure inside is symmetrical, with two blower on each side it creates a circulation of hot air inside. The drying efficiency of this system is high, after about 20 minutes the wet eggtray will come out dry and sturdy.

At last we arrive at the end part of the process where the eggtray come out and being collected. Usually 2-3 people will be working around this area.

That is the auto tray collector. It also count the number by sensors and show on the dashboard on the other side.

From here we will weigh the trays and pack it. Usually we pack it with 70pcs/pack or 100pcs/pack depending on buyers request. The weight of each tray here is about 100g, overseas is about 80g.

Once it’s packed the size will reduce. Then we bag it and put aside waiting for truck to transport it out. If you are interested in the business don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you, Thank you very much.

Natrual Drying

When you choose egg tray drying system for your egg tray making machine, there are three types for your choice:

  1. Drying under the sun: put finished egg trays under the sun by trolley. Normally, when drying under the sun about 30℃, the whole drying process needs about 4 hours. When temperature reaches to 38-40℃, the process is shorted to 2-3 hours. However, it also relates to the wind speed, moisture content, and other factors. Because it needs manual labour force to move and transport, it is suitable for small egg tray production, like BTF-1-3 and BTF-1-4.
  2. Metal egg tray dryer: it is also called brick-trolley drying system. Put egg trays into trolley. Then workers push trolley into bricking system. The fuel for this system can be coal, diesel or natural gas. In this case, we recommend that investors who do small business choose this drying system.
  3. Brick egg tray dryer: there are two methods, brick-drying conveyor and multi-layer metal drying system respectively. When you use coal as the fuel of multi-layer metal system, add a hot air stove to purify the fuel and prolong service life of this machine.

Comparasion of Four Dyring Systems

  • Building Cost: drying under the sun < brick egg tray dryer machine < metal drying system
  • Automation Level: drying under the sun < brick egg tray dryer machine = metal drying system
  • Factory Workshop Occupied: drying under the sun > brick egg tray dryer machine = metal drying system
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