Egg Carton Making Machine

The video is Beston egg carton making machine running on-site.

The egg carton machine is used for producing various paper pulp molded products for the storage of several items, including trays for eggs, shoes, coffee cups, and also fruits. The egg carton machines employ raw materials like waste paper, old books, and magazines undertaken through four different stages: pulping, molding, drying, and then finally, packaging. Entrepreneurs in the market trying to find new business schemes really should not be skeptical about making investments since it includes the subsequent benefits.

  • Comparing with the plastic egg trays, paper egg cartons are very easy to produce. The raw material is easy to get and low in cost. Besides, the paper is recyclable. The paper egg crates will not pose any harms or pollution to the environment after use. What’s more, paper egg tray price is much more competitive than plastic ones. So the paper egg tray has a larger market than plastic ones.
  • The paper pulp moulded products have very wide uses in the daily life. Therefore, it makes the market of egg carton making machine very promising in recent years. No matter what kind of paper trays (like egg trays, fruit trays, shoe trays, etc. ) or paper packaging you want to produce, this machine will always help.
  • Beston egg tray adopts high-end production techniques and has an extremely strict production line. Recent years, as the foreign trading’s flourishing in China mainland, Beston has exported the machines to foreigner countries many times. The machines have gained favorable feedback and quite a high recognition from the customers in Indonesia, the Philippines, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Dominica, Ukraine, Egypt, etc.

Beston can supply multifunctional egg carton machine for sale on the market. This machine is able to produce all kinds of pulp trays like egg trays, egg cartons, egg boxes, shoe trays, coffee cup trays and so on. It is an important machine in paper moulding industry and paper packaging industry.

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