Biochar Production Equipment

This is the 3D installation of Beston biochar production equipment.

Beston biochar production equipment adopts the technology of pyrolysis and carbonization to produce biochar from biomass. Biochar is a very important alternative energy in many aspects of human life. So the production of bio-charcoal complies the trend of waste to energy and finds a new solution to solve the organic waste issue and endows the waste a high value of use.

How to Produce Biochar with Beston Biochar Production Equipment

Carbonization and pyrolysis are the biochar production methods we adopt to this equipment. The raw materials are carbonized and pyrolyzed into bio charcoal in a high-temperature and anaerobic environment. The detailed biochar production process of our biochar equipment for sale is as follow,

  1. Feed the raw materials by a constant weight feeder into the carbonization host, or you can also call the biochar reactor. If the water content of the materials is more than 25%, you must use a drying host to dry them at first. The perfect water content is below 15% in order to make sure a high quality of biochar.
  2. Preheat the carbonization host while feeding for about 30 minutes. During the pre-heating, the combustible gas will be generated and then recycled into fuel to supply heat for the carbonization host.
  3. The process of carbonization and pyrolysis of biomass waste happens as the temperature rises. Through desulfurization and dedusting, the clean biochar will be discharged. The whole process lasts about 15 min to 20 min.
  4. The flue gas/residual hot smoke will go through a strict filtering system in the water spraying tower with the functions of de-dusting, water washing, ceramic ring absorption and activated carbon absorption. Finally, it will be discharged outwards safely, meeting the EU Environmental Protection and Emission Standard.

Q&A about Technology and Techniques

1. Do you use “burning” to make biochar?

No. During the whole process of the bio charcoal production equipment, carbonization and pyrolysis are the only technologies we use. They are different from burning. Besides, the feedstock doesn’t contact with the heating source directly and there’s no opening fire.

2. How do you solve the emission problem?

The process of carbonization happens in a microaerobic environment. The expansion coefficient of the oxygen and the combustible gas offset with each other. Once there’s oxygen in the biochar furnace, there will be negative pressure in the interior of the host, so there will be no smoke or gas generated outside of the host. As for the combustible gas, we have recycling method to reuse it to heat the host after dedusting and desulfurization. The customer can authorize SGS to do inspection and examination of the final emission.

3. Are there any ashes or slugs needed to be disposed of after the production?

There is no ashes or slugs. The biochar making machine aims to reduce the volume of biomass waste, so it will never create new solid waste like ashes or slugs.

As the importance of biochar increases day after day, the needs for high-quality biochar production equipment increase as well. Beston Group aims to supply reliable, durable and advanced biochar production units to our customers. Now, this equipment is in favor of the customers from all over the world, like Malaysia, Ghana, Australia, Turkey, Ukraine, Kenya, etc. We would like to share our advanced technology of waste to energy to every corner of the world.

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